The Steel Structures Team can provide services in the following areas:
• development of research works in the field of steel constructions;
• elaboration of norms, translation of European norms, drafting of national annexes for norms in the field of metal constructions;
• consultancy for the design, execution and expertise of large-scale metal works;
The Steel Structures Laboratory “Eugen Chesaru” may carry out the following activities:
• bending moment tests on structural members having the span up to 27 m, loaded with static or dynamic forces of maximum 1000kN located at distances of 1.5m among them;
• compression tests on structural members up to 5m long, loaded with forces up to 1500kN;
• tension, compression or bending moment tests on specimens or elements up to 1m long, statically loaded with forces up to 3000kN.
• execution of metal specimens, of small structural steel members or of metal devices necessary for the tests;


The Management Team consists of specialists with extensive theoretical and practical experience, providing consultancy services highly appreciated by beneficiaries over time. These include: cost-benefit analysis, diagnostic analysis, planning and monitoring of construction works, scientific research of execution programs as well as participation as experts in national and international disputes and arbitrations.